Our 6D/5N Singapore Itinerary

We’ve always wanted to go to Singapore for a visit but budget and schedule hinder us from flying there.   My sister’s friend who is already living there also keeps on inviting us to their house so finally we’re able to have a vacation there and we all had a grand time.

passportAll the itinerary where made by my sister so when I flew to Singapore with my mom and SIL with her daughter, I have no clue where we are going so I just followed.  Here is our 6D/5N Singapore Itinerary which is really short for a vacation because the 2 days where eaten up by the arrival and departure days, so all in all we only had 4 complete days in Singapore.

We flew via Cebu Pacific that has Terminal at NAIA 3. We safely arrived in Singapore after 3 1/2 hours at Changi Budget Terminal. The flight was a breeze and we passed the Immigration quickly enough.

6D/5N Singapore Itinerary
Day 1- Departure/Arrival
Day 2- Dukw Tour, Singapore Flyer, Vivo City
Day 2- pt. 2  Night Safari
Day 3 – Universal Studios
Day 4 – Sentosa Island , Bhukit Thima Market & Food Center
Day 5 – Jurong Bird Park, Ion Mall and Orchard Road
Day 6 – Departure Changi Budget Terminal

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 6 – Departure Changi Budget Terminal

Goodbye Singapore!! Hope to be there again!

We had a grand time in Singapore and the 6 days that we are there are to short to see all the wonderful places that they have. Actually, we have not been to other tourists spots for we are pressed for time but we hope we can come back in the future as I learned that there are more attractions that opened in the last 2 years.

We flew back to Manila via Cebu Pacific and it was at  Changi Budget Terminal where we waited for our flight. The terminal is quite small compared to their main terminal and I learned that it is under construction right now. There are free computers that travelers can use so while waiting for our flight, I used one of the available pc for few minutes just to kill the time.
changi2 changi3 Thankfully, we don’t have excess baggage going home for we already put some of our stuff  on our carry on and personal bags.

After an hour and half….. we’re back in Manila! Traveling is tiring BUT it’s so much fun!manila~~~~
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Our Singapore Vacation: Day 5 – Jurong Bird Park

This is a fun filled day once again in Singapore and today we went to Jurong Bird Park, home of various beautiful flowers, birds and animal species. It was  around 9 in the morning  when our service dropped us off there.

jurong bird park1JURONG BIRD PARK
2 Jurong Hill, Singapore

Opening Hours:  8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Ticket Prices/ Admission Fee
Adult – $25.00
Child (3-12 yrs old)- $16.00
Senior Citizen – $10.00

Exhibits inside:
African Waterfall Aviary, Royal Ramble, Lory Loft, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Hornbill and Toucans Exhibit, Penguin Coast, Dinosaur Descendents, Pelican Cove, Window of Paradise, World of Darkness, The Riverine, Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary, Parrot Paradise, Swan Lake

Upon entrance, luscious greenery and beautiful flowers such as  different varieties of orchids will greet every visitors. We stopped for a while to take lots of photos and this is my first time to have seen vast orchids in one place. Simply beautiful!

jurong bird park2 jurong bird park3
It houses 4 species of penguins such as the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni and the majestic King Penguin. These penguins are just so cute and adorable and how’d I wish we can cuddle even just one of them. They swim around their enclosed cold pool to the delight of the visitors.
jurong bird park5jurong bird park4
This is one of my fave place inside Jurong Park as it is home to beautiful  Chilean Flamingos and Caribbean Flamingos. These peach flamingos are just so cute. Feeding time is at 1:30 pm.
flamingo pool
This is where we watched the bird shows. Hawks, eagles and vultures are beings shown here. My sister a nephew even volunteered here at the KING OF THE SKIES SHOW.
birds birds2 birds3
The Breeding & Research Centre (BRC)
This center showcases the growth process of  birds that they have in the park. Comparison of biggest to smallest birds are there, very interesting place especially if you love birds and how they grow.
centre centre2 centre3


This is a not to be missed bird show as it is very exciting, interesting and fun as these birds can do tricks and can make us laugh. Visitors can join the show and can even get up close with some of the birds.
birdshow birdshow2 birdshow3

Our hungry stomachs lead us  at Bongo Burgers and Hawk Café.  I craved for burgers so me and my nephews came with me.

We boarded the tram that took us at the LORY LOFT where we had the opportunity to feed the birds. This aviary is home to beautiful lori birds that are also heady to be fed and photographed with you.
lory loft1
You can actually feed these beautiful red, yellow, green and blue Lories inside the aviary. They actually fly and come near you once they saw you holding their food. At first, I was so scared but got excited when they stepped on my head, hands and body. This is a MUST-TRY experience when you are inside Jurong Bird Park.

Look… 3 Lory birds are on me!
lory loft2 lory loft3
This is home of more than 1,200 birds that are free flying as well. The rainforest paths and mangrove swamps will connect you to nature indeed. There is also a 30-ft man-made waterfall inside this walk-in aviary.
african waterfall african waterfall2
Stayed at Jurong Bird park till 2:30 pm and went to ION MALL via MRT then later on went to ORCHARD ROAD for a quick and very rush shopping for souvenirs…

Tiring day.. home by past 9 pm… Our last day..!

Day 5 of 6 – July 6, 2012 (Friday)
Jurong Bird Park
Ion Mall
Orchard Road

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Our Singapore Vacation: Day 4 – Sentosa Island

We really enjoyed Universal Studios Singapore and for our new adventure and on our 4th day in Singapore we spent  the day at Parkway Mall and Sentosa Island.

It was rainy and gloomy day but of course we are not stopped from enjoying the city eventhough we got wet while walking at Parkway mall. Since I only got one umbrella, my sis and other got wet ..lol  Anyway, we did a quick shopping and had our lunch because our 3 pm our service (sister’s friends) took us at Sentosa Island.

The view from Faber Point is simply breathtaking!Sentosa1 sentosa2sentosa3Singapore Cable Car
Riding the cable car via Mt. Faber is a must before you can arrive at Sentosa Island. I was with my mom, SIL, BIL at the cable while my sister and the teens are on other car. I got scared every time I ride a cable car because I have fear of heights. However, the view on top was beautiful and the ride is exciting and scary (for me..) sentosa4 sentosa5

Our first stop was at the TIGER SKY TOWER- Singapore’s Tallest Viewing Tower. It offers a panoramic view at 131 metres above sea level across Singapore, Sentosa and the Southern Islands. It is open daily from 9am – 9pm daily
Rates: S$15/Adult / S$10/Child
sentosa6The air conditioned cabin is  slowing spinning and allows guests to view the scenic and breathtaking sceneries. The tower made me a bit dizzy and I was not feeling well after riding it. Yay!SKYLINE LUGE
My nieces and nephews and even my sister still ahve lots of power so they decided to try Skyline luge wherein they have tried riding a Luge and Skyride. Luge is like a mini-golf cart that goes so fast while Sky ride  is like a lift above ground. As usual, I have not tried any of these because I was a bit sick that time.. boo.

Sis J, niece and nephew were able to hold the snakes for a fee of S$5.00 each and have their picture taken. I did not dare myself holding a snake for I will go crazy..lol
We explored the place and arrived at the MERLION WALK. Merlion is a mythical creature which is half lion and half fish which is believed to be guardian of prosperity . The statue is 37 metre-tall and this symbolizes Singapore.
You can actually go inside the Merlion and we had the chance to go inside the mouth and its head for a fee.
Standard Rates
S$12 / Adult
S$9 / Senior Citizen^ / Child+

Local Resident Rates
S$10 / Adult
S$7 / Senior Citizen^ / Child+

Tired and hungry so we had some snacks and later on ice cream that we bought at STICKHOUSE Delicious for I ate chocolate with bit of almond on top.NOT FEELING WELL
I got sick because of that spinning Tiger Tower so I didn;t enjoy Sentosa that much… Sad..4D ADVENTURE LAND
You can choose among the 3 rides on a virtual 4-D roller coaster “Extreme Log Ride” and 4-D Interactive Shoot-Out game happening at “Desperados” and Pirates

Unfortunately were not able to watch the SONGS OF THE SEA because my sister wanted to go home already. I didn’t even saw the beach. Arggghhh! Oh well I guess we are all tired and hungry already but we should have not missed that!! We left Sentosa Island at around 8pm.Later on we went to BHUKIT THIMA market and Food Center for our dinner but I didn’t like the place for it was dirty and noisy. We’re home by almost 10 pm…and we are all so dead tired!

Day 4 of 6 – July 5, 2012 (Thurs.)

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 3 – Universal Studios

It’s our 3rd day in the beautiful and fine city of Singapore. A new adventure awaits us all so we woke up early to start our day. It’s our time to go Universal Studios Singapore so we are extremely excited. The rains didn’t  stop us from going there and luckily when when we arrived at the Universal Studios the rains suddenly stopped !

We arrived at the Resorts World at 10 am and we are  amazed of the place so we had non-stop picture taking. A visit to the Universal Studio is not complete without having a picture at the the famous USS revolving globe, so our family got one.

There are 7 ZONES to explore at Universal Studios: and we had the whole day to explore the place.
1. Hollywood
2. New York
3. Sci-Fi City –
Transformers Ride
4. Ancient Egypt –
The revenge of the Mummy Ride
5. Lost World – Jurassic Park and Waterworld
6. Far Far Away –
Shrek 4D ride and Donkey Live
7. Madagascar

Our 1st stop is at MADAGASCAR – a water ride zone in a dense tropical jungle where a small boat will carry passengers inside filled with filled with strange and wonderful animals like lemurs and foosas. It made us excited esp. my 9yr old niece.
universal3 universal4 universal5
Our 2nd stop is at FAR FAR AWAY Zone where Shrek 4D and Donkey Live are located
Shrek 4D Adventure
is a 4D indoor adventure where guests wear a miracle of OgreVision glasses. Guests can actually see, hear, and FEEL the action right from the rocking seat! I have to say that we all enjoyed this very much!! Seats that are not mobile are also available for people of old age or those that are disabled.

Shrek 4D Adventure

Shrek 4D Adventure >>Image courtesy of rwsentosa.com:

We had our late lunch at GOLDILOCKS where we ordered had chicken, burger and fries and right after that we hurriedly went to DONKEY LIVE.

DONKEY LIVE – is an interactive live show where Shrek’s sidekick Donkey will bring fun and entertainment to all the guests. A fun, fun show! We have no photo inside as it is not allowed.

3rd stop is at LOST WORLD Zone where JURASSIC PARK ride and WATERWORLD are located. We didn’t went inside so we just had photos in front.
Rides inside: Canopy Flyer, Amber Rock climb, Jurassic Rapids Adventure
Our 4th stop is at ANCIENT EGYPT Zone. We were amazed at those huge ancient stones and statues along the way.  Guests are transported to 1930’s Egypt, the Golden Age of Egyptian Exploration.
universal 8 universal 9 copy REVENGE of the MUMMY Ride – is an indoor roller coaster ride where warrior mummies and scarab beetles are plenty. Only my nephews and nieces went on this ride for I am so scared.universal 10
Our 5th stop is at SCI- FI City that has futuristic theme.

Just some of the  attractions at the sci-fi city are the transformer, toy, car and of course the TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. Funny and sacry thing happened to my mom because we approved her to come with us at the Transformers ride w/o us knowing it was scary and not fitted for her. Her blood pressure went up and we had to bring her to the clinic but after an hour she was alright already..
universal13 universal14
6th stop NEW YORK Zone where Lights, Camera, Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Sesame Street Stage Shows, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and other entrainment are there.

After the transformer ride,  we walked along the street and we passed by SESAME STREET where characters Bert, Ernie, Elmo and Cookie Monster are dancing.
My older niece and nephew along with with my sis J rode the  CYCLON Ride, Battle Star Galactica and the Mummy Ride. I’m too scared to go with them so I just seat and waited at the bench tog. with sis and BIL. It was hot already that time!

7th stop is at HOLLYWOOD Zone where Hollywood Boulevard is filled dynamic architecture, palm trees and the famous Walk of Fame. There are also street entertainment where you can meet various Hollywood characters and and more.

It’s a TIRING TIRING but FUN day for all us especially meeting some cartoon characters along the way.
8th stop  is at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS STORE where we bought some souvenirs . We got some t-shirts and cap, ref magnets, Universal Globe, stuffed toys and more. We left USS at around 7:30 pm, tired but happy.
Our very last stop is at CANDYLICIOUS, where tons of sweet items are sold. We bought some candies and chocolates and also to have some rest.

Date: Day 3- of 6 – July 4, 2012 (Wed.)

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