Our Singapore Vacation: Day 5 – Jurong Bird Park

This is a fun filled day once again in Singapore and today we went to Jurong Bird Park, home of various beautiful flowers, birds and animal species. It was  around 9 in the morning  when our service dropped us off there.

jurong bird park1JURONG BIRD PARK
2 Jurong Hill, Singapore

Opening Hours:  8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Ticket Prices/ Admission Fee
Adult – $25.00
Child (3-12 yrs old)- $16.00
Senior Citizen – $10.00

Exhibits inside:
African Waterfall Aviary, Royal Ramble, Lory Loft, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, Hornbill and Toucans Exhibit, Penguin Coast, Dinosaur Descendents, Pelican Cove, Window of Paradise, World of Darkness, The Riverine, Jungle Jewels Flight Aviary, Parrot Paradise, Swan Lake

Upon entrance, luscious greenery and beautiful flowers such as  different varieties of orchids will greet every visitors. We stopped for a while to take lots of photos and this is my first time to have seen vast orchids in one place. Simply beautiful!

jurong bird park2 jurong bird park3
It houses 4 species of penguins such as the Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni and the majestic King Penguin. These penguins are just so cute and adorable and how’d I wish we can cuddle even just one of them. They swim around their enclosed cold pool to the delight of the visitors.
jurong bird park5jurong bird park4
This is one of my fave place inside Jurong Park as it is home to beautiful  Chilean Flamingos and Caribbean Flamingos. These peach flamingos are just so cute. Feeding time is at 1:30 pm.
flamingo pool
This is where we watched the bird shows. Hawks, eagles and vultures are beings shown here. My sister a nephew even volunteered here at the KING OF THE SKIES SHOW.
birds birds2 birds3
The Breeding & Research Centre (BRC)
This center showcases the growth process of  birds that they have in the park. Comparison of biggest to smallest birds are there, very interesting place especially if you love birds and how they grow.
centre centre2 centre3


This is a not to be missed bird show as it is very exciting, interesting and fun as these birds can do tricks and can make us laugh. Visitors can join the show and can even get up close with some of the birds.
birdshow birdshow2 birdshow3

Our hungry stomachs lead us  at Bongo Burgers and Hawk Café.  I craved for burgers so me and my nephews came with me.

We boarded the tram that took us at the LORY LOFT where we had the opportunity to feed the birds. This aviary is home to beautiful lori birds that are also heady to be fed and photographed with you.
lory loft1
You can actually feed these beautiful red, yellow, green and blue Lories inside the aviary. They actually fly and come near you once they saw you holding their food. At first, I was so scared but got excited when they stepped on my head, hands and body. This is a MUST-TRY experience when you are inside Jurong Bird Park.

Look… 3 Lory birds are on me!
lory loft2 lory loft3
This is home of more than 1,200 birds that are free flying as well. The rainforest paths and mangrove swamps will connect you to nature indeed. There is also a 30-ft man-made waterfall inside this walk-in aviary.
african waterfall african waterfall2
Stayed at Jurong Bird park till 2:30 pm and went to ION MALL via MRT then later on went to ORCHARD ROAD for a quick and very rush shopping for souvenirs…

Tiring day.. home by past 9 pm… Our last day..!

Day 5 of 6 – July 6, 2012 (Friday)
Jurong Bird Park
Ion Mall
Orchard Road

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Hongkong Day 3: Avenue of Stars / Ocean Park pt.1

Our day started with a walk at Cameron Road to Avenue of Stars and Victoria Harbour. From our hostel, we walked and walked but the funny thing is that we walked in circles not knowing that Avenue of Stars was just few step away from us already…lol

Hongkong  Victoria Harbour Hongkong Victoria HarbourIt was gloomy, foggy and again very cold that day but that doesn’t stop us from exploring the city. We just stayed at the Avenue of Stars for a while just to take photos and because we are heading to Ocean Park.

We rode the ferry that took us at the other side of Hongkong.ferry boat ride ferryAfter eating our breakfast at Subway, we took the Double Decker bus that took us at OCEAN PARK.
Hongkong double decker bus Hongkong Ocean ParkWe took the cable car inside the Ocean Park and as usual my sister and I got scared because the capsule was a bit smaller done the Ngong Ping cable ride that we had. While we are getting scared, my nieces and nephews are all having fun at a different cable car.
Hongkong Ocean Park Cable carHOngkong Ocean Park Cable car

We watched the dolphin show at Ocean Park Theater and we all enjoyed it despite being under the sun. We took the Ocean Express Train going down

We had to cut short our stay in Ocean Park to go to THE PEAK. Yay, tiring day!

Day 3: December 23, 2009 Itinerary
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Hongkong Day 2: Hongkong Disneyland

Day 2: December 22, 2009 Itinerary
Hongkong Disneyland
Entrance Fee: HK$ 350 each, discount will be given for senior citizens

Going to Hongkong especially if you are a first timer is not complete if you will not  go to HONGKONG DISNEYLAND. You need to allot 1 whole day for this so you’ll have all the time to explore and enjoy this magical place that not only kids will enjoy but also adults that are young at heart.
Hongkong DisneylandHongkong Disneyland 2
Places that we explored at HK Disneyland.
1. Tomorrow Land -(Space Mountain ride, Buzz Light year, Astro Blaster etc)
Hongkong Disneyland 3 Hongkong Disneyland 4
2. Fantasy Land (It’s a Small World, The Golden Mickeys etc.)
Hongkong Disneyland 11Hongkong Disneyland 9It’s a Small WorldHongkong Disneyland 10IMG_4729

3. Adventure Island – (Jungle River Cruise, Tarzan’s Tree House etc.)
Hongkong Disneyland 7 Inside Tarzan’s Tree HouseHongkong Disneyland 8

Hongkong Disneyland 5The Disney parade in the afternoon

Hongkong Disneyland 6Nieces and nephews jumpshot at Sleeping Beauty’s castle

Hongkong Disneyland 12

Hongkong Disneyland 13 Hongkong Disneyland 14
We waited for our turn to have photos with Goofy, Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. The lines are just crazy! Hongkong Disneyland 15 Hongkong Disneyland 16The grand fireworks display at 9 pm was spectacular !! A must see!

Hongkong Disneyland 17~~~~~~
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Family Bonding at Sky Ranch Tagaytay City

My family went to Tagaytay City on May 11-12, 2013 because my sister and brother-in-law will be sponsoring a wedding. Seeing the opportunity to have a short vacation we all decided to come as well. We stayed for a night at one of the units in Monteluce condotel owned by my sister’s friend located in Silang Cavite,which is 15 mins. away from Tagaytay.

skyranchWe arrived at SKY RANCH in Tagaytay City around 11 am  on our Day 2 to see and ride at SKY EYE, which is the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines to date. Even though I have experienced riding the Singapore Flyer and numerous cable cars already, I was still too scared to ride sky eye because I have fear of heights. My hands are really cold and sweating before riding hehe..

There are various activities that you can do at Sky Ranch, kids and adults can enjoy horseback riding, super viking, nessi coaster, sky eye, express train and more.

skyranch2Entrance Fees and Ride Fees at Sky Ranchskyranch3 skyranch4 skyranch5Entrance Fee is P100 but we got it for only P50 because they have a 50% off promo that time, so we got discounts since we are 11.  (NOTE:  Entrance is P50.00 when we went back to Sky Ranch last Dec. 23, 2013, I guess they already marked down the entrance fee.skyranch6 skyranch7 skyranch8 skyranch9 skyranch10 skyranch11 skyranch12 This giant Sky Eye Ferris Wheel is 63-meters in height with 32 air-conditioned gondolas. The gondola that we are in had a scary squeaky sound and that made me and my sister more nervous. It was so funny because, I was at the bottom (not sitting) of the gondola for I was too scared (nalula to death ako!..lol) but it was fun! I only went back on my sit when it’s only few more feet down the bottom. yay! skyranch13Sky Ranch Tagaytay

view from the top

Skyranch _tagaytayMy nieces and nephews enjoyed the Super Viking ride! My lil’ 9-yr old niece wants to ride too but we didn’t allow her because it was swinging too high.

SKY RANCH location map provided by SM Land
Sky Ranch location mapThe amusement park is still unfinished, not much to roam around so we only stayed for an hour there.

Parking Fee – P50 / hour
Entrance Fee – P100 Regular, >>>NOTE:  Entrance is P50.00 when we went back to Sky Ranch last Dec. 23, 2013, I guess they already marked down the entrance fee.
Senior Citizens/ PWD (person with disabilities) = 20% off
Ticket prices:
Nessi Coaster – P 50
Red Baron – P 50
Wonder Flight – P 50
Mini-Viking – P 50
Express Train – P 50
Super Viking – P 100
Sky Eye – P 150
Carousel – P50

(02) 8570100 LOC 1653

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