Monday, February 24, 2014

One Great Adventure at the Blue Mountains

Here's another look back at my travels in Australia, the Land Down Under.

One weekend my brother-in-law told us to get ready for another fun-filled adventure. I wasn't aware that we are going to the BLUE MOUNTAINS and  THREE SISTERS or even if I am aware, I have no idea what to expect. So off we go on a long distance driving up where lush greeneries are plenty. I didn't know that it will require a lot of walking so I wasn't able to wear a rubber shoes that time but my attire was comfortable enough.

The Greater Blue Mountains Area is listed on November 29, 2000 as one of the World Heritage Area by UNESCO. There are lots of activities that you can do while at the Blue Mountains like rock climbing, walking down or nature walks at Three Sisters, canyoning, and more.Blue Mountains NSW Australia 1
It was cold and foggy when we got there but that doesn't stop us from exploring Blue Mountains National Park. We had our photos taken at the view deck where we can see Blue Mountains and Three Sisters Sandstone rock formation.

Blue Mountains NSW AustraliaBlue Mountains NSW Australia 4Walking down the stone steps called "The Giant Stairway" took us around over an hour !!. That was a long trail indeed. My sister was pregnant at that time so me and Micah just walked down to have an adventure.

It was so windy when arrived at the The Three Sisters 'bridge. I always hold on to the grills because for fear that I might be blown away like the hat of my niece. It's a once in a lifetime adventure for me and my niece, Micah.

Blue Mountains NSW Australia 5bridge connecting to the Three Sisters sandstone rock formation.
three sistersBlue Mountains NSW Australia 6posing at the Three Sisters- it's windy and cold ! Look how tight we hold on to the grills.

Blue Mountains NSW Australia2Blue Mountains NSW Australia3Pausing after a long walk that took us over 2 hours back and forth. It's tiring but worth the adventure!! If you have the opportunity to visit Sydney, don't fail to go to Blue Mountains!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our 6D/5N Singapore Itinerary

We've always wanted to go to Singapore for a visit but budget and schedule hinder us from flying there.   My sister's friend who is already living there also keeps on inviting us to their house so finally we're able to have a vacation there and we all had a grand time.

passportAll the itinerary where made by my sister so when I flew to Singapore with my mom and SIL with her daughter, I have no clue where we are going so I just followed.  Here is our 6D/5N Singapore Itinerary which is really short for a vacation because the 2 days where eaten up by the arrival and departure days, so all in all we only had 4 complete days in Singapore.

We flew via Cebu Pacific that has Terminal at NAIA 3. We safely arrived in Singapore after 3 1/2 hours at Changi Budget Terminal. The flight was a breeze and we passed the Immigration quickly enough.

6D/5N Singapore Itinerary
target="_blank">Day 1- Departure/Arrival
Day 2- Dukw Tour, Singapore Flyer, Vivo City
Day 2- pt. 2  Night Safari
Day 3 – Universal StudiosDay 4 – Sentosa Island , Bhukit Thima Market & Food Center
Day 5 – Jurong Bird Park, Ion Mall and Orchard Road
Day 6 - Departure Changi Budget Terminal