Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 2- pt. 2 Night Safari

From Singapore Flyer then at Vivo City we went to NIGHT SAFARI before 6 pm. The place was jam-packed with tourists and there's even buses and buses of school excursion and it was not even a weekend.
night safari night safari 2
There are long lines going to the Tram Station and after about 15 mins. of waiting it's our turn. We boarded a tram and we’re so amazed because there’s no fence surrounding the animals. We're a bit  worried because the animals might run after us or grab us but fortunately they are behaved. I didn't have a nice photos of the animals because theya re all blurred because taking pictures with flash on is prohibited. There are some tourists who are taking photos with flash on so wee need to tell them that is not good. night safari 3
night safari 5on board the tram
night safari 4

There's more to explore at Night Safari but we're already tired , we just settled taking photos with these giants and watched the Fire show.
night safari 7 night safari 8 night safari 9 night safari 10 night safari 11We’re able to watch the fire show and the performers were all amazing. Putting fire in their mouths without any fear is something the tourists loved to watch.

After few hours, we all went home very tired but happy! I'm not feeling good that time but I was able to enjoy na rin..  Home at around 10pm.
Day 2 of 6 - July 3, 2012 (Tuesday)
Dukw Tour (water and city tour)
Singapore Flyer Vivo City Night Safari

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Timeshares on a Vacation Property

If you have read my post about timeshares, I'm sure you're already thinking whether you want to buy timeshare or not for your next vacation. There are times, when we took a vacation on a certain resort and had a good experience while staying there, there's a big chance that we want to return to that same resort over-and over again simply because we love the accommodation or the place. Owning a timeshare on a specific condo or luxury resort can be advantageous for many travelers around the world especially those that travel all the time.

Buying or renting timeshares can be a great solution for all your travel needs. It's also a good form or investment wherein you can own a condo or a vacation property. You can buy new timeshares or buy from a previous owner. Do your research on how timeshare works and weigh the pros and cons before buying or renting.

If we take a look at the infographic below, it seems that a lot of people are already enticed into buying a timeshare and it's amazing to know that Mexico has the highest rates of timeshares. Here are some more information regarding timeshares:

Infographic Source