Wednesday, September 25, 2013

US Travelers

One of the best things that we can do in our lifetime is to travel. Nothing beats the experiences that we can acquire when we embark on our travel mission for it can broaden our perspective about life, other culture, and more. Traveling doesn't mean that we have to travel overseas all the time because we can visit and explore our on town, city and country.

For people where budget and time are not an issue, they can travel anytime and see the world. I envy those people who also have passion to travel all the time and will not trade traveling over shopping. People from all walks of life travel to different places and countries all the time that is why tourism campaign on every country is very important to attract more tourists for it will not only increase the countries' revenues but it can also help promote their place.

It's amazing to know that  in 2011 there are over 53 million people traveled internationally  in the US while there are 3.8 million US visitors that visited different Asian countries and I see no reason why these numbers will not increase.

The infographic below will show stats about US travelers on different continents.


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