Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Travel Tips

Ahhhh.. summer. It's the season that almost everyone is waiting for. Summer is the time for vacations, a time to bond with family and friends and enjoy the sun. Time to unwind, rejuvenate and release some stress from work and  home duties. However, before you'll have a grand time on your next summer vacation some necessary things are needed to be done so you'll not also stress out when you are on your dream vacation.

A perfect summer vacation starts with a careful planning. Few months before your intended date of vacation, file a vacation leave if you are working so you can properly plan your itinerary and places to go. It's never fun if the dates of your free-time don't match with your friends or your family. A last minute preparation sometimes won't work due to lack of time and planning.

Book ahead. Nothing beats someone who gets the best room, deals and added perks when you book ahead of time. Many airline companies also give a lot of promos throughout the year so watch out for them.  It's your advantage if you can get those promo fares because you can use the money that you'll save during your vacation. Peak season will always be busy so expect hotels and airlines to be fully booked on those days.

Make a list. Jot down all the things that you need to bring so you'll not forget anything. It's always a hassle if you forgot to bring necessary things like phone/camera charges etc. Don't forget to bring summer essentials like sun screen, sunglasses, hats, insect repellants and medicines.

Learn about the place. Before stepping foot on your destination, always try to research about the place and learn more travel tips. Doing so, will make you knowledgeable about the place and you'll know if there are certain restrictions or guidelines while you are there.

Summer can really be hot and humid in some places especially if you are heading to a tropical country so always bring sun protection and wear proper summer clothes.

Don't forget to bring your cameras to document your trip. Memories will be kept and relived anytime through photos and videos.

Lastly, don't forget to explore and have fun! Take your worries away and just let your hair down. Life is too short not to enjoy summer!

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