Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hongkong Trip Day 4 : Goodbye Hongkong

We had a grand time in Hongkong eventhough we only have 3 days to explore it. It was almost Christmas day,  Dec. 24, 2009 that our flight back to Manila is scheduled. We don't want to miss the Noche Buena back home so booked that flight.

Our flight back to Manila was early at 8 am so eventhough I am tired from our Ocean Ocean Park and the Peak adventures,  I packed our bags at midnight of Dec. 23.

We left Lee Garden, our hostel at around 5:00 am we took the cab to take us to the express train.  A funny incident happened because I was almost left by the taxi when I transferred to another cab.. lol I yelled and run at them to see me.. funny and embarrassing indeed!

Anyway, the cab dropped us at the HONGKONG AIRPORT EXPRESS TRAIN station in Kowloon, which is just few minutes away from our hostel. We bought a train card and it only takes us about 20 mins from Kowloon to Airport. Amazing!

Inside the Hongkong Airport Express Train, very early morning at 5:20 am

Hongkong Airport Express Train 2 we're still sleepy
Hongkong Airport Express Train Hongkong Expess Train
Inside Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila
cebu pacificcebu pacific _manila                                                                        almost home

Goodbye Hongkong! We had so much fub! Hope to see you again!

Day 4: December 24, 2009

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