Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 2- Dukw Tour, Singapore Flyer, Vivo City

Day 2 of 6- July 3, 2012 (Tuesday)
Dukw Tour (water and city tour)
Singapore Flyer, Vivo City
Night Safari

Our first agenda for today was the Dukw Tour where we boarded an amphibian looking vehicle and it toured us along the city and Singapore river. Too bad, it was raining at that time so I was feeling a bit cold because I’m also PMSing.. argghhh bad timing.

We boarded an  while the guide is telling us about the story of the place. Later on we drove along the river passing Singapore Flyer and various buildings and attractions. It was fun but it rained while we’re on the boat.dukw tour Here's how the DUKW TOUR vehicle looks like. It can travel on land and water. Our guided tour took about 1 hour and it was amazing.

We passed by the following attractions

1. Marina Bay Sands
2. Gardens on the Bay
3. Helix Bridge
4. Floating Stadium
Singapore Flyer

[caption id="attachment_923" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Beautiful Marina Bay Sands Beautiful Marina Bay Sands[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_924" align="aligncenter" width="500"]singapore2 Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_897" align="aligncenter" width="375"]Singapore Flyer Singapore Flyer[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_925" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Gardens by the Bay Gardens by the Bay[/caption]

Singapore FlyerAfter our DUKW Tour we rode the SINGAPORE FLYER but unfortunately it rained so hard !!! We didn't see much on top because it was raining but it did sacred most of us. The ride was around 30 mins.

singapore flyer4Singapore Flyer capsule

Inside the Singapore Flyer capsule. The heavy rain covered our view of the city which I believe is amazing.. Arghhh... sayang!!
singapore flyer5  singapore flyer6
Our family having lunch
vivo city 2vivo city
After lunch, we had little shopping at Mango, MAC store etc. because the Great Singapore Sale was ongoing that time.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

US Travelers

One of the best things that we can do in our lifetime is to travel. Nothing beats the experiences that we can acquire when we embark on our travel mission for it can broaden our perspective about life, other culture, and more. Traveling doesn't mean that we have to travel overseas all the time because we can visit and explore our on town, city and country.

For people where budget and time are not an issue, they can travel anytime and see the world. I envy those people who also have passion to travel all the time and will not trade traveling over shopping. People from all walks of life travel to different places and countries all the time that is why tourism campaign on every country is very important to attract more tourists for it will not only increase the countries' revenues but it can also help promote their place.

It's amazing to know that  in 2011 there are over 53 million people traveled internationally  in the US while there are 3.8 million US visitors that visited different Asian countries and I see no reason why these numbers will not increase.

The infographic below will show stats about US travelers on different continents.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Singapore Vacation: Day 1- Departure/Arrival

Day 1 of 6- July 2, 2012 (Monday)
Departure -
NAIA 3, Philippines
Arrival -
Changi Airport, Singapore

I traveled with my mom, sister-in-law and her daughter and 2 nephews/ 1 niece via Cebu Pacific.  Since I don;t want to be late for our flight we left the house early for our 1:30 pm flight.


Travel taxes:
P 1,620.00 for adults
P 810.00 for my 9yr old niece

Since we are there early, the counters of Cebu Pacific were still closed so we waited for few more minutes for it to open. Our baggage are excess of 20 kilos so what we did was to get some of the stuff that we have and put them on our hand carry luggage.  We are only allowed 60 kilos for the 7 of us.

[caption id="attachment_890" align="aligncenter" width="500"]NAIA_cebupac1 over baggage !![/caption]

After doing some minor changes on our luggage, we weighed  them again. The weight is 69 kilos so we have 9 kilos excess.
Excess baggage = P400/kilo = 9 x P 400 = P3,600, but the teller made us only pay for P600, yey ! .

This travel is memorable for it was the 1st time for my 9yr old niece to ride an airplane that's why she was scared and excited at the same time. We arrived at Singapore’s Budget Terminal at past 2 pm and it was raining a bit and quite hot when we arrived. Wheel chairs are available so we took one for mom so she will not have a hard time walking.

After waiting for 30 mins, my sisters, BIL and friend arrived to get us. We all  stayed (10 of us)  at my sister’s friend at a nice subdivision at Bhukit Thima.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Explore Seattle: Emerald City

If you are looking for a place to visit on your next trip, Seattle in Washington City in the United States can definitely bring out the travel bug in you.  Emerald City, Rain City and  Jet City are nicknames used by Seattle and it boasts of beautiful lakes (Green Lake), parks (Discovery Park,  Seward Park etc.) and water/mountain views. If you've fallen in love with the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" then there's no doubt you'll fall in love with this fine City.

Going to Seattle is not complete if you'll not go to these popular places:
~ Space Needle
~Seattle Great Wheel
~Famous Graves
~Bill Gates House
~Hammering Man
~Pike Place Market
~Myrtle Edwards Park
~Seattle Art Museum
~and more

According to the infographic below, it's best to visit and tour Seattle in May to late September because of the fine weather where you can explore the place and have fun. Emerald City's weather is mostly wet thus it is named also as Rain City.  No matter where you feet takes you within Seattle, always make sure to try their local food, great scenery, meet the locals, shop and take lots of photos!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pelican Feeding at The Entrance - NSW Australia

(I'll be posting my old travel photos)

My very 1st airplane ride and out of the country flight was in Australia on February 9, 2005 via Cathay Pacific with stop over in Hongkong. Arrived Sydney Airport in Sydney Australia early morning of Feb. 10, 2005 with 9 hours flight. Very memorable flight. Stayed in Australia for 3 months (Feb. 9- May 9, 2005)

The next day after my arrival, my sister and brother-in-law already wanted to tour me around Australia so we drove to THE ENTRANCE and stayed in a hotel from February 11-13, 2005.

The Entrance is located at Central Coast in New South Wales (NSW), Australia and is known as the "Pelican Capital of Australia". There are various activities to do there are fishing, surfing, boating, waterskiing, walking or strolling, shopping, picnic, bike riding, watching various entertainment that every families will enjoy.

The Entrance NSW AustraliaThe Entrance NSW Australia 2Micah, my niece was only 11 that time and I still have my long hair

[caption id="attachment_627" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Entrance NSW Australia 3 The famous PELICAN FEEDING every 3:30 pm everyday attracts thousands of tourists[/caption]

The Entrance NSW Australia 4The Entrance NSW Australia 5We enjoyed our time while we are there and I remember strolling down the beach and just savor the fresh Australian air. I wish I can come back there in the future!  Australia is love, love, love!

Central Coast, NSW Australia

Friday, September 13, 2013

Why Not Try Timeshare on your Next Travel?

Traveling is one of the many things in life that we all need to experience. Traveling open our eyes to new places, culture, food, structures, tourists spots, people and new experiences. Nothing can beat the memories and knowledge that we can acquire on our every travel.

So what is timeshare? It is a form of ownership that involves shared vacation ownership of resort condo units, and other vacation properties. It is actually bought by a client in such a way he has an exclusive right to experience luxurious resort accommodations.

Some more info:

Reference Site

Learn more about timeshare, vacation resellers, vacation trading, vacation swapping and reselling news at Vacation Resellers so that on your next travel you'll have more options.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monteluce Mondavi Condotel at Silang Cavite

We went to Tagaytay City last June  to attend a wedding and also to have a mini-vacation with our family. We stayed for 2D1N at one of the units in Monteluce Mondavi Condotel, which is owned by one of my sister's friend. It's actually located at Silang, Cavite , which is roughly around 5 -10 mins. away from Tagaytay City.

The condotel is fairly new and actually when we stayed there, there are only few tenants that we saw. The place is along the road but the units are few meters away from the guard house. If you have a unit there, this is a perfect place to stay while you are vacationing or attending a business meeting.
monteluce monteluce2 monteluce3 monteluce4 monteluce5 sample of the units that is perfect for newly wed couple or small family of 3. monteluce6
Monteluce Mondavi Condotel
Kilometer 47, Aguinaldo Highway,
Silang, Cavite

Helpful Travel Tips To Make our Travel Easier

Traveling is a lot of fun because we get to explore different places, culture, food, shopping and meet the locals. However, if we don't properly plan our travels there are chances that we can ruin our vacation. Reading more about your travel destinations can also help you carefully plan your itinerary. It's pretty hard to go to a new place without any knowledge about the place where you can explore. There's also a big possibility that you'll waste some time because you are pre-occupied thinking where to go next most especially if you have limited days in that place if you are not organized or don't have an IT.

Here are also some few things to take note:


One of the essential things to keep in mind when traveling domestic or international is how to pack your things properly. I personally, don't travel light for I tend to bring more clothes than usual because it's in my thinking that I might change my mind what to wear for that day or maybe I can use the spare clothes for another time. Anyway, I have learned my lessons already because an incident of over baggage gave me and my family some hassles at the airport.

Planning ahead of time, making a list of what to bring, reading travel and packing tips and researching about the place really helps. So the next time you want to travel, make sure to keep these things in mind.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hongkong Trip Day 4 : Goodbye Hongkong

We had a grand time in Hongkong eventhough we only have 3 days to explore it. It was almost Christmas day,  Dec. 24, 2009 that our flight back to Manila is scheduled. We don't want to miss the Noche Buena back home so booked that flight.

Our flight back to Manila was early at 8 am so eventhough I am tired from our Ocean Ocean Park and the Peak adventures,  I packed our bags at midnight of Dec. 23.

We left Lee Garden, our hostel at around 5:00 am we took the cab to take us to the express train.  A funny incident happened because I was almost left by the taxi when I transferred to another cab.. lol I yelled and run at them to see me.. funny and embarrassing indeed!

Anyway, the cab dropped us at the HONGKONG AIRPORT EXPRESS TRAIN station in Kowloon, which is just few minutes away from our hostel. We bought a train card and it only takes us about 20 mins from Kowloon to Airport. Amazing!

Inside the Hongkong Airport Express Train, very early morning at 5:20 am

Hongkong Airport Express Train 2 we're still sleepy
Hongkong Airport Express Train Hongkong Expess Train
Inside Cebu Pacific flight back to Manila
cebu pacificcebu pacific _manila                                                                        almost home

Goodbye Hongkong! We had so much fub! Hope to see you again!

Day 4: December 24, 2009

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Travel Tips

Ahhhh.. summer. It's the season that almost everyone is waiting for. Summer is the time for vacations, a time to bond with family and friends and enjoy the sun. Time to unwind, rejuvenate and release some stress from work and  home duties. However, before you'll have a grand time on your next summer vacation some necessary things are needed to be done so you'll not also stress out when you are on your dream vacation.

A perfect summer vacation starts with a careful planning. Few months before your intended date of vacation, file a vacation leave if you are working so you can properly plan your itinerary and places to go. It's never fun if the dates of your free-time don't match with your friends or your family. A last minute preparation sometimes won't work due to lack of time and planning.

Book ahead. Nothing beats someone who gets the best room, deals and added perks when you book ahead of time. Many airline companies also give a lot of promos throughout the year so watch out for them.  It's your advantage if you can get those promo fares because you can use the money that you'll save during your vacation. Peak season will always be busy so expect hotels and airlines to be fully booked on those days.

Make a list. Jot down all the things that you need to bring so you'll not forget anything. It's always a hassle if you forgot to bring necessary things like phone/camera charges etc. Don't forget to bring summer essentials like sun screen, sunglasses, hats, insect repellants and medicines.

Learn about the place. Before stepping foot on your destination, always try to research about the place and learn more travel tips. Doing so, will make you knowledgeable about the place and you'll know if there are certain restrictions or guidelines while you are there.

Summer can really be hot and humid in some places especially if you are heading to a tropical country so always bring sun protection and wear proper summer clothes.

Don't forget to bring your cameras to document your trip. Memories will be kept and relived anytime through photos and videos.

Lastly, don't forget to explore and have fun! Take your worries away and just let your hair down. Life is too short not to enjoy summer!