Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hongkong Trip Day 3 pt. 2: The Peak

Since we already have limited days in Hongkong we decided to cute short our OCEAN PARK trip from 10am up to 4pm because we wanted to go to THE PEAK.

With only few hours inside Ocean Park we left eventhough my nieces and nephews are disappointed because they are having fun with the rides there.

From Ocean Park we took the bus and arrived at the Peak with a huge crowd waiting in line.  Fortunately we have our OCTOPUS Card with us and that saved us from falling in line to get some tickets.
the peakThe long lines are really crazy and there are even some tourists who keep on pushing me and some of my family on the line because they want to ahead of us. That made us furious. If only we can postpone that THE PEAK trip then we have done it because the crowds are getting irritating.

After few minutes of waiting finally our turn to ride the THE PEAK TRAM came.

[caption id="attachment_815" align="aligncenter" width="500"]the peak 2 inside the Tram--- it was jampacked![/caption]

We only have limited time so we're able to just go to Madame Tussauds and at the souvenir 2

HK hk2 copy From Ocean Park , we went back to Holiday Inn by bus in a hurry because we have a 7:30 pm  dinner with my sis and her family.

Ahhh...... this is one crazy and tiring day!!!!!

Date of  travel: December 23, 2009
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ethereal Elegance: Prague

[caption id="attachment_809" align="aligncenter" width="495"]Prague Czech Republic Prague Czech Republic : image via Wikipedia[/caption]

Gorgeous and magnificent, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a stunning sight to behold and witness. A blend of old beauty and sleek modern designs makes Prague a fascinating site for a relaxing getaway, a luxurious fancy vacation, or a business rendezvous.

Hotels and 

Prague has outstanding 5-star hotels that will surely please even the most scrutinizing of guests. Whether you want to experience classical beauty, authentic Prague culture, or sleek and modern types of accommodations, there is sure to be an outstanding hotel to cater to your needs in Prague.  Such hotel names as the Hotel Kings Court, the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, the Eurostars Thalia, the Esplanade Prague, the Art Deco Imperial Hotel, the Prague Marriott Hotel, the Golden Tulip Savoy Hotel, and the Hotel Palace Praha are synonymous to luxury, elegance, sophistication and magnificence – all things that can describe the calibre of excellence of the structure and the service in these hotels.

Another option of accommodation for valued guests would be to rent one of a number of luxury apartments located within the heart of the city for the duration of your vacation. You get a more private abode and you get to be closer to the truly authentic Prague experience. Equally luxurious as their hotel counterparts, high end luxury apartments like those in Vinohrady, Mala Strana and Old Town, are also great ways to stay and feel special in Prague.


Of course, nothing says a great vacation experience more than partaking in delectable and mouth-watering food. Prague has a slew of great restaurants serving the finest cuisines. Kampa Park, for example, is one of the most renowned restaurants in Prague. It is beautifully set beside the Kampa Island river near the Charles Bridge. Serving fancy seafood dishes and classic Czech cuisines, Kampa Park will surely be a treat for anybody. Other notable restaurants are the Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant, Bellevue Restaurant, Terasa U Zlate Studne Restaurant, Triton Restaurant, Obecni Dum, and the Alcron Restaurant.

Must-see Sights

Numerous gorgeous must-see and must-experience spots populate the city of Prague. Most prominent and most popular are the Charles Bridge, Old Town, the Prague Castle, Sedlec Ossuary, Wenceslas Square, Wallenstein Garden, and Vaclav Square. All of these places and many more offer a genuine glimpse of the real Prague. You get to witness and be a part (even for just a moment) of the rich history and vibrant that built and still surrounds the four corners of this majestic city.

Blessed with a natural sophistication that will take anyone’s breath away, the city is endowed with one of the most exquisite sunsets in the world. As if divinely set, everything in Prague glows golden during those brief moments before dark. Guests will truly feel special and appreciated when they visit Prague. So why not experience the kind of luxury that Prague offers? For the utmost luxurious vacation experience, rent from one of those luxury private jet charter or corporate jet charter companies; fly and see the beauty that is Prague.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hongkong Day 3: Avenue of Stars / Ocean Park pt.1

Our day started with a walk at Cameron Road to Avenue of Stars and Victoria Harbour. From our hostel, we walked and walked but the funny thing is that we walked in circles not knowing that Avenue of Stars was just few step away from us

Hongkong  Victoria Harbour Hongkong Victoria HarbourIt was gloomy, foggy and again very cold that day but that doesn't stop us from exploring the city. We just stayed at the Avenue of Stars for a while just to take photos and because we are heading to Ocean Park.

We rode the ferry that took us at the other side of Hongkong.ferry boat ride ferryAfter eating our breakfast at Subway, we took the Double Decker bus that took us at OCEAN PARK.
Hongkong double decker bus Hongkong Ocean ParkWe took the cable car inside the Ocean Park and as usual my sister and I got scared because the capsule was a bit smaller done the Ngong Ping cable ride that we had. While we are getting scared, my nieces and nephews are all having fun at a different cable car.
Hongkong Ocean Park Cable carHOngkong Ocean Park Cable car

We watched the dolphin show at Ocean Park Theater and we all enjoyed it despite being under the sun. We took the Ocean Express Train going down

We had to cut short our stay in Ocean Park to go to THE PEAK. Yay, tiring day!

Day 3: December 23, 2009 Itinerary
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Tips on Choosing Car Rentals

car-rentalsGoing around a country for vacation or business may be tough when you don't have your own mode of transportation. Even though you may know how to travel through public transportation, it is easier to enjoy your trip and take pleasure in the sights when you have your own car. Car rental companies offer high quality cars that you can use while staying in a foreign country as you can travel to anywhere you like. Renting a car in some parts of the world is one of the easiest and most feasible ways of transportation. It gives you the liberty and flexibility to travel wherever and whenever. However, renting a car can sometimes add difficulties to your travels such as knowing the best available deal there is. Here are some tips that you might need to ease up the complications of having to rent a car or an exclusive limo while you are on a business or vacation trip.

Knowing your Budget

Before beginning the search for the best car or limo rental deals, be sure to consider how much you are willing to spend for this trip. As there are a lot of options in car rentals, one must narrow things down to the allotted budget to be used for transportation.

Selecting an Automobile

You must think carefully in selecting the right vehicle for the trip. Consider the people included in your trip. If you are travelling along with other people such as a family with children or your business executives, an SUV, a Van or an exclusive limo is appropriate. A smaller vehicle may be the right fit if rental rates, along with gas rates bothers you, and you want to save money. Another thing to consider is the transmission of the vehicle as driving with a manual transmission is the norm in most countries. If you can't drive this, better rent one with an automatic transmission. Also check for car rental companies that offer extras if you have other needs for your trip such as bicycle racks, ski racks, or a GPS system.

Educating yourself on the Rental Policy

Ask about the rental policies. Do not forget double-checking the agency's policies, terms, agreements, and other information relevant concerning their rentals. You ought to know how long you will use their service and consider how much it will cost you. Knowing the presence of a speed limit will also be necessary. Ask the agency before agreeing to anything. Also tell the agency about your preferences and expectations so as to avoid disappointments.

Doing Background Checks

To further guarantee one's security, a background check must be done on the agency providing the car rental service. The internet can be a very useful tool for doing this. The agency must have a website that is professional-looking. Also check the internet for customer reviews and feedback. Look for information on how long the agency has been on the car rental industry. Choose the older company or a company that was in the business for more than three years as they have more experience, thus leaving you a hassle-free and worry-free travel experience.

Johnny Lai is the owner of Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals; a Singapore’s premier luxury car rental and limousine company. They provide a complete range of transport services and our business philosophy of 'Quality Service to Customers at all times' ensures that we constantly strive to serve you with our best, and with a smile. Feel free to contact Johnny Lai at 9101 8983 for any queries.