Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Promote and Market Tourism

Quality tourism can make all the difference when you’re trying to put your town on the map. After all, if people don’t know about your location, what would cause them to visit it? Cape Cod tourism involves implementing the right promotional and marketing techniques. There are a few time-tested tips and tools that allow you to get ahead in this industry. Be sure you know what these are so you can apply them.cape cod beach

The 8 Ps

Did you know that there are 8 Ps for marketing Cape Cod tourism? If you rely on these tips, your town will gain more tourists and revenue.

The first P is promotion. Find ways to raise awareness about what your city has to offer at airports, travel agencies, welcome centers, and travel shows.

The second P is people. Make sure that those who work at hotels, restaurants, and attractions have top-rate customer service personnel. The people you staff will attract and retain guests and visitors.

Another P is product. This refers to customer satisfaction with services and goods the tourists paid for.

Your fourth P is partnership. Team up with other companies that have similar business goals and will promote cross-selling. You and this company should profit together as well as please your visitors.

As for the fifth P, make sure you know how to plan appropriately. Analyze your city’s strengths and weaknesses and devise a way to improve tourism through a solid marketing plan.

Place is the sixth P. Place means marketing your products in a location that will be easily available for tourists to purchase. Travel agents, tour operators, and tour wholesalers are the most popular ways for customers to find out about a tourist destination.

Next, focus on packaging. Know how to combine attractions, services, and accommodations in one neat package for one price. Customers love these convenient combos, and this is what will attract them to a destination.

Last, but not least, price should be considered. Many tourists operate on a budget and will only pay so much for your services. When determining prices, think over survival, profit maximization, competition, market share, and positioning.

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