Thursday, May 23, 2013

DAY2 - Part5: Laoag-Pagudpud-Vigan Tour - Pagudpud

DAY 2: May 1, 2013 (Wednesday)
Burgos Lighthouse (Cape Bojeador Lighthouse), Kapurpurawan Rock, Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud

From Bangui Windmills, our tricycle driver was kind enough to wait for the bus for us  while we rest for a while at a nipa shed. Tric drivers from their area (Burgos and Bangui) are not allowed to tour up until Pagudpud already so we have no choice but to ride a bus that will pass Pagudpud.

A non-aircon bus with Cagayan sign arrived and hop we in.  I just asked the conductor to drop us off Pagudpud.
Fare: P30.00/each non-aircon
Travel Time: 30 mins. from Bangui, Ilocos Norte

pagudpud2Once we got off the bus, there are many tricycles waiting near this signage already. The driver asked as if we're going on a Pagudpud North PackageTour  (includes Saud Beach, Patapat Viaduct, Kabigan Falls, Aqua Grande, Blue Lagoon, Timmangtang Rock) that costs P600/tric (2-3 persons). I declined the offer because we just need to see Saud beach and then we'd go back to Laoag that same afternoon (which didn't happen  anyway).

I just told him that we'll just go to SAUD BEACH for a quick stroll and picture taking. the travel going to Saud beach was cool bec. it was gloomy already. Later on, the rain started to drop around 4:00 pm when we arrived. We just took some photos and stayed for a while.

pagudpud3pagudpud4 My original plan was to go back to Laoag City but I FELL ILL and got so tired after the whole day of tour to Burgos Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan Rock, and Bangui Windmills.

I don't think I can make it back to Laoag, so I asked our driver to look for a homestay where we can spend the night there. He recommended ALLEN'S HOMESTAY (click the link for my review), and it costs P250.00 /person / night on an non-aircon room. Good enough, it was not that hot anyway since it's raining.

Oh btw, I paid our tricycle driver P100.00 for his service.
pagudpud_13So exhausted and tired, we slept for about an hour in our room and at 6:00 pm had dinner at Tartaruga's Hotel and Restaurant, which is recommended by Nanay Rolly De Guzman (owner of Allen's Homestay). After dinner, we strolled the beach and bought some souvenirs. Since we don't have extra clothes, we were'nt able to go for a swim.

It was raining that night and their neighbor's poor dog is barking all night (maybe bec. he was being drenched in the rain tsk..) so I had a light sleep till morning.

DAY 3: May 2, 2013 (Thursday)
Woke up very early 5am but couldn't fall back to sleep while my niece was in deep slumber. Before 7 am, we had breakfast at TAPSILOGAN and Noodle house where I ordered Tapsilog (P70.00) which is not that good hehe.

pagudpud6Strolled SAUD BEACH, POLARIS BEACH HOUSE and Municipal Beach after breakfast, bought more souvenirs before we head back to Laoag City. The place is nice, clean and there are lots of trees that surround their baranggay.

pagudpud7pagudpud8Look at those BANGUI WINDMILLS that lined up, they can be seen in Pagudpud.

pagudpud9pagudpud_14pagudpud10Gloomy morning, my niece and I enjoyed our overnight stay in Pagudpud.

pagudpud_12The waves buried my feet on the sand

pagudpud_11We left Allen's Homestay at 9:00 am and before hopping in the bus, I asked the tricycle to bring us at the Pagudpud signage 1st.  Rode a non-aircon bus going to Laoag City.
(tricycle -homestay to signage)-
P   60.00 each (mini-bus Pagudpud to Laoag City) = almost 2 hours.

I love Pagudpud! I hope I can come back in the future for there are still so many great places to see there.

We arrived at TEXICANO HOTEL in Laoag City at 11:00 am. We freshened up and checked out at 12:00 noon. Paid another P 875.00 eventhough we didn't sleep there that night.

Our next stop.... VIGAN CITY!!!!

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  2. The beach looks so inviting. I miss the sand touching my bare feet!

  3. oh wow, i wnet back reading all the previous part of your trip, Jenn, very very helpful tips you have, and thanks for the details you share, I am learning a lot, I may consider this trip someday when I visit, and you took beautiful pictures.

  4. Oh my, such a timely post! I actually booked myself and some friends for Ilocos this June! We already had our tickets, talk about promo fares! But I already expect that I can't pursue the travel because of my work transition at the moment! :| Bummer, I know! We also booked ourselves to Ilocos in 2011, but it didn't push through too. But seeing your photos, I know that I should move heaven and earth to pursue this travel. :)

  5. thanks Betchai, must see talaga ang ilocos region

  6. awww.. sayang naman.. d bale may christmas holidays at summer pa namna ulit.. sana matuloy kayo next time worth seeing kasi ang Ilocos!

  7. I rarely go to the beach so our trip was just awesome

  8. Now those are amazing scenes of paradise! Beautiful places indeed! I have seen a lot of Pagudpud photos from friends and it made me look forward to visiting the place someday!

  9. Thanks Rcel! you should go to Pagudpud and the whole Ilocos region soon .

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  11. If my memory serves me right, wala pa ata yang hotel na yan noong first time na naka-swimming kami sa Saud Beach. Enjoy talaga ang waters dyan, plus the Ilocano way of hospitality.

  12. The tour package looks inviting and interesting. I never been to Pagudpod but I heard good things about it. I've been to Vigan and I love the place so much. I am even planning to go back there with hubby.

  13. Try to go to Pagudpud there are many nice beaches there like Saud beach, blue lagoon etc...

  14. true papaleng, hospitable at helping mga Ilocanos.. half ilocano rin ako hehe

  15. I've seen in a number of movies featuring Pagudpud as location, it seems a good place to visit plus the windmills. But first I need to look for a promo plane fare :)

  16. Whoa! Really love the beach.

    Looks like so much fun po.

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  19. Pupunta kmi ng vigan sa aug. 19 and magstay kmi in vigan and gusto q pmunta s windmills how far po kaya ?thanks

  20. HI Janine... mga 2 1/2 hrs away ang Vigan from Laoag City... Then mga 1hr away pa ang windmills sa Laoag city.. so approx.. from VIGAN to WINDMILLS - 3-4 hours travel medyo malayo layo yon..

    Enjoy your trip!

  21. making a DIY South tour in Pagudpud.. if our last stop will be Burgos Lighthouse... would anyone know if merong masasakyang bus from there to Laoag? o kailangan naming bumalik ng Centro (Pagudpud) para makapagbus pa-Laoag? Thank you!

  22. Thank you po for this. This is exactly the itinerary that I have been looking for. Thank you po! ☺