Sunday, March 17, 2013

Summer Travel Tips by Cebu Pacific

Summer has officially started in the Philippines! Enjoy a hassle-free check-in experience to kick off your summer trips right.

Here are some tips/reminders when you travel this summer by Cebu Pacific:

  1. Be early at the airport; Airports can be really congested during peak season. The last thing anyone wants is a missed flight.

  2. Web check-In saves time and energy. Be at the counter at least 45 minutes before your flight if you have checked baggage and don’t forget to print and bring your web boarding pass!

  3. Self-service check-in kiosks are also available on all our Airbus stations within the Philippines. Highly recommended for those traveling without check-in baggage.

  4. Always bring a valid photo ID for identification and other travel documents (i.e. visa, passport) especially for international guests.

  5. Be at the boarding gate not later than 30 minutes before the flight as gate closes 15 minutes before the flight. 


Personally I hate being late or being rushed in the airport so as much as possible I want to be there 3 hours before any of my flight so I can have time to relax while waiting for the flight. Apart from that, if there are some issue on your baggage, ticket or something, you still have ample time to correct and address those issues.
web check inI've also tried to use the online web check-in from Cebu Pacific and it really helps because there is a different much shorter line for passengers in the CEB counter at the airport. It can save you time becaue you don't have to wait in line that long.


  1. thanks for the comment, yes ang ganda ng ilocos at maraming places na pasyalan, such as baluarte, windmills, bell tower, sand dunes, and many more! :-)

  2. oo nga Lanie.. i'm super excited na nga eh hehe